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Mad Hatter: — Have I gone mad?
Alice : — I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are.

Hoy, por fin, fui a ver Alicia en 3D :D

A mi me gusto mucho >3<  sobre todo el Sombrero <3<3 jaja lo amo en serio
No dire mucho... pero esta buena, ahora quiero leer el libro :)

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New Image!!!!

después de 100000000000000000000  intentos fallidos y un dolor de espalda...

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What I am to you is not real

Sooo I haven't post anything in awhile :P ....
I just finished my english course and for some reason I always end up hating my teachers.
Especially the last one... At the beginnig of the course we had a very nice teahcer, her name was Leah, and I really liked her, she's from Vancouver but she left us at the middle of the course T.T(I don't know why) and we had a new teacher he was... nice.... at the beginnig. I think he hated me ¬¬  He was always complainig about me! only me! He was always telling me if I was paying attention and all tha stuff...
I mean I know I'm quite person I don't talk a lot, especially if mi classmates are 30 years old! People expect me to be noisy and all tha stuff only beacuse I'm teenager... but I'm not, ok?! Get over it ! I'm quiet most of the time and  sometimes I have this lost expression in my face (especially if it's 7 am!) that's me.
 Sooo he put me this horrible grade! It's sooo unfair!!! And also, for the writting exam he made me do it like in 15 minutes and the others did it for homework! >:s

And I think he's going to be the next course teacher O.O
.... anyway I'm not taking it :/


And knooow~~ I love this song! I love Demian Rice he's sooo goood! I love how he combines the music with de cello <3<3

And my favorite... Volcano

What do you think of my english? It deserves at least an 8! I have a wideeee vocabulary! (the teacher said otherwise ¬¬)
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Uy hace añisimos que no escuchaba nada de ellos (desde que me emepezo a gustar DBSK) a parte sus ultimas canciones fueron malas y no me gustaron :P Pero estas dos estan bastante decentes, sobre todo la de Love Yourself y es el tema del nuevo dorama de Kame (que simepre se me olvida como se llama pero lo quiero ver)

Los videos estan naah ps bien (supongo he visto peores **cough**One Drop**cough**) pero como me chocan las caras que hace Akanishi! >.< su cara de creido aah! no la aguanto! Hasta sale fumando! Woow super cool  < sarcastico> Siempre fue asi?=.=     y en ninguno de los dos videos se le ve bien la cara :/
Bueno ya x, que le podemos hacer al chico... -_-

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JJ- Hi, it´s been a long time
Y- I know and I miss you soo muuch~
JJ- I'll make it up, what do you want?
Y- A whole day with you <3<3

Aaah~ >///< ya parece jajajaja pero se ve muy bien en estas fotos,ne?

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